Vinyl Dreams

You've Got the Music in You

Vinyl Dreams is a mobile music studio that enables you - regardless of your musical background - to make professional sounding music and music videos with just your fingers and your ears.

Young beautiful woman in bright outfit e

Give them some Vinyl Dreams music to dance to!

Move People...

Anyone can make beats and loops, but music moves. It transports the listener from one place to another. With the Vinyl Dreams design you can lift up and move your family, your friends, yourself! Within 20 minutes you will be on your creative way.

What They Say

"I am so proud of what I have been able to create."

Rachel, Geneva CH


"Vinyl Dreams has made it easy for me to experiment with many styles of music that I have no experience writing in."

Tim, Cranston RI

"I get inspired from the music in one circle and create a whole new tune from there."

Dean, Stowe VT